Asian air pollution causing Winter storms in USA? From

AsianPollutionMore research needed on this Winter storm effect. There have been 12 large Winter storms in 6 weeks. Maybe there will be more attention on the aerosol pollution issue. Not Co2. The Chinese economy doubled since 2000. India is ramping up development too.
3 billion people wanting a better lifestyle like ours.
Can you blame them? 1/2 live on $2 a day. US companies that have factories there should have pollution controls or we are exporting our own pollution as well as jobs. The Winter storms are cutting our GDP.…/air-pollution-in-asia-cou…/360769/…


Hello world!

There are important scientific and economic issues happening in the world that are not being addressed by the mainstream media because of political agendas clouding articles that are spun according to political party affiliation. I am a registered Independent that prefers to annoy both parties equally by thinking for myself and spending thousands of hours  reading  scientific papers and articles by qualified scientists or economists. Sometimes one person can make a difference when truth spreads on the internet and goes viral.