My comment on re: buried heat in the ocean

I have not seen much discussion of the fact that the extra solar heat from strong solar cycles was also buried in the ocean from approx 1945 to 1975 since the atmosphere failed to warm at that time also. In spite of Co2 rising rapidly after the post WW2 industrial buildup the cool ocean cycles overcame both solar and Co2 warming effects. As it will when the AMO cool cycle kicks in around 2020 along with the present cool PDO cycle . (currently in a temporary warm spike). When the PDO switched to warm cycle around the late 70’s it released the stored solar energy on top of 30 more years of strong solar cycles. Also cleaner skies from the introduction of the catalytic converter on cars in 1975 and the 80% collapse of the Soviet union industrial sector let the sun in too. Co2 being a minor factor compared to the aerosol pollution reduction. Now we see the buildup of sulfur dioxide again from Asia that could tip the balance to cool even more combined with possible increased volcanic activity. Perhaps Co2 will be considered a blessing someday if the planet cools since food production will suffer. Better models are needed that are not programmed by politicians. So if reducing pollution creates global warming you could say that it was partially man made warming along with a slight Co2 contribution of .2 Watts per sq meter per decade. You can see the extra warming on NASA temp maps around heavily polluted areas like Los Angeles that have since cleaned up a lot thanks to the catalytic converter. The best climate model is Mother nature which has been showing us for many years what affects the climate if people could only see through the politics. Even Prime minister Cameron has been taken in. One of my best friends who I have finally convinced to be a climate skeptic was just invited to have tea with him today so I am anxious to hear how that went.


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